Produits Forestiers C.J.P.

631, Armand-Paris
Québec, Québec
G1C 0R1 Canada

Phone : 418-871-0411
Toll free : 1 877-773-7070
Fax : 418-871-0224
Email :

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Logo-CJP-InternetWith over 200 years of combined experience, we work for our customers with speed and flexibility.
We are at the forefront of innovative products.

Founded in 2000, Produits Forestiers CJP has experienced since its creation explosive growth. Renowned for its customer service, Produits Forestiers CJP can count on a strong and competent team, making it the leader in the distribution of materials in Quebec.

We thank our vast customer for trusting us for such many years.
Bonne visite !

General manager

Québec city team