Gizir Polylac

The main characteristics of Polylac panels is that it is extremely resistant to scratch despite being glossy to the highest degree. It is a furniture product that meets interior’s aesthetics and functional requirements. High quality surface and wide color choice as well as being green. It can be used primarily in the production of kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom including all sorts of furniture production and as a material of cabinet doors.

MDF panels size: 48″x 110″ (1220mm x 2800mm) 36.67/ square feet

Thickness: .703″ (18mm) other thicknesses available upon request

Gloss level: 98° (60° angle)

Surface protected with PE film

9110-9242 Back surface is the same color as the face but low gloss

9251-9291: Back surface is white low gloss


Thermoset ( superior heat resistance )

Application: doors cabinets furniture & decorative walls

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  • The range Gizir / Polylac highly glossy melamine.
  • FSC (on demand)
  • Exported to over 45 countries and now available in Quebec.
  • 75 colors available with matching edgebanding.
  • Ideal for commercial, architectural and kitchen projects
  • Scratch, heat and flames resistant.
  • Cleans easily with a gentle cleanser (NETPRO)


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