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About Us

We are a proud distributor of over 80 suppliers and manufacturers and offer the most comprehensive product lines in the industry.
Produits Forestiers CJP has experienced explosive growth since its inception. Recognized for its customer service, Produits Forestiers CJP can count on a solid and competent team, which makes it the leader in material distribution in Quebec. We work for our clients with speed and flexibility. We are at the forefront of innovative products.
We would like to thank our vast clientele for placing their trust in us for many years.
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Produits Forestier CJP began distributing edgebandings in the early 2000s.

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Years 2005 to 2016

We subsequently increased our product offering with the distribution of melamine panels and we opened a second service center in Quebec City in 2005.

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We are now a proud distributor of over 80 manufacturers and suppliers. We offer the most comprehensive product lines in the industry.

Produits forestiers CJP logo

What we do

Produits Forestiers CJP Specializes in the Distribution of Cabinetry Products

Melamine, wood, specialized hardware, specialty plywood, etc.

You will find everything you need for your projects. Produits forestiers CJP prioritize local products made in Quebec and Canada. We rely on the best governance practices, that is, sound and responsible management of the economy and environment.


We’re Here to Help You Find the Right Product for the Right Application

We care about a job well done. Our staff is passionate about our products and have unparalleled attention to detail. Produits forestiers CJP is the key to your project’s success.

Our services

We Offer a Vast Territory for Deliveries

We have a complete choice of products for all types of projects: interior, exterior, commercial, residential, institutional, furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, renovations, etc. Produits forestiers CJP is the reference point for your ideas.