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C1PO Cabinet Program


C1PO – Cabinet Program
Turnkey Project for Kitchen Manufacturers

The C1PO cabinet program aims to help you automate your production of kitchen and bathroom cabinets


  • Production 100% Automated
  • 1/32 Cutting Precision
  • Hardware Pre-Drilling
  • Stud Assembly
  • Choice of 82 Fully Custom-Made Boxes
  • Door Detailed Report for Order With One of Our Partners
  • Packing of Parts by Individual Box
  • Receive Your Turnkey Project Ready to Assemble and Install


  • Improved Sales Growth
  • Responding to the Labor Shortage
  • No Production Responsibility
  • Fast Production, Installation and Work Organization Deadlines
  • Lower Costs – Smarter Purchasing, Better Inventory Administration and Waste Management
  • Efficient Use of Your Workshop Space

Order Planning

  1. Contact Us to Get Your Access Code
  2. Go to to Create Your Submissions and Your Orders
  3. Choose the Materials and Hardware You Need
  4. Select the Boxes in the Library and Enter Your Measurements According to the Project
  5. View and Save Your Final Submission
  6. Contact CJP to Submit Your Order

Packing and Delivery

Deliveries are made by CJP. We offer the possibility of storage on our premises. All boxes are individually wrapped and placed on wooden pallets with a 5/8″ protective cover. All carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable film.

Rigorous follow-up of orders

Toujours dans les tempsYour Orders are Always on Time

Through our mode of service, Produits forestiers CJP ensures a rigorous follow-up of all orders. We will deliver what you need on time for your residential, commercial and institutional projects. We serve several regions daily, in order to help you achieve your production schedule goals.

Check with the representative in your region for more details

Camion CJP

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One stop shop

Tous les produits sous un même toitA Full Range of Products and Services, Under One Roof

We have the largest brands in all products, from glue, to decorative panels to accessories and MDF. Your business will find everything it needs at CJP in a single delivery, further simplifying the management of your orders!

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Simple program

Programme simple de produitsSimple Product Program: Easily Sold and Readily Available

CJP works hard to make your job as easy as possible. All of our programs are designed to be 100% complete and meet the needs of your business. Whether it is in our wood program, which ensures the similarity between samples and panels, or to have exactly the same finished product be it doors, panels, laminates and moldings, everything has been designed to make your life easier.

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Healthy economy and health

Écoresponsable, écono-responsable et produits locauxEco-Friendly, Economically Responsible and Locally Sourced Products

We are proud to work a majority of local manufacturers and to be in partnership with suppliers who are concerned with being eco-friendly, developing their products and encouraging local purchasing in their choice of raw materials. CJP has a multitude of No Added Urea Formaldehyde Medium Density Fibreboard (NAUF) and Renewable Source (FSC) products. CJP puts people here to work for a healthy economy and healthy population! Ask one of our advisers to be directed to these products.

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Certification FSC

Type of furniture and industries

We distribute products to create kitchens, bathrooms and commercial furniture including: lockers, furniture, laser cutting of wooden puzzles, built-in furniture, custom furniture, walk-in closets and waiting rooms.

We have the products for your industry: school, education, research laboratories, educational institutions, hospitals, clinics, healthcare, ambulance, retail, boutique, supermarkets, stores, hotels, restaurants, prisons, transport, residential, etc.