Adhesives and Cleaning Product

Mar 21

Adhesives and Cleaning Product

Jowat Adhesives
Net Pro

Produits Forestiers CJP offers an array of high quality glues and adhesives: granule, washer and PUR. With suppliers like Jowat, Abradesif and MitreBond, our adhesives are specially designed for the installation of edgebanding and veneer:

  • Abradesive: contact glue, wood glue, polyurethane glue, touch-up pencils, lubricant and wood paste
  • Jowat: PUR, PO, PA, EVA glue
  • MitreBond: ultra-fast glue containing an activator for all surfaces

Net Pro is the ideal product for cleaning kitchen cabinets. It easily removes grease, dirt and fingerprints from all surfaces and without scratching surfaces.